Society6: A Brief Overview

Society6 is another print-on-demand store that I sell on, and it’s second only to Redbubble in the number of “random discoveries” I tend to get (people who don’t know me buying my products). Those are the two big names in print-on-demand that most people know about if they do, so that makes sense. While Society6Continue reading “Society6: A Brief Overview”

Redbubble: Actually Getting an Account Set Up

I’ve sort of been writing these posts in reverse order because getting an account set up with Redbubble was the easy part for me, and then the actual uploading of designs was the difficult part. I did those posts first assuming some poor soul who can’t find the right image sizing for their products wouldContinue reading “Redbubble: Actually Getting an Account Set Up”

Redbubble: Can I Upload in Multiple Windows?

Here’s a quick potential question that just popped into my head. What if you’re an artist with a large body of work that you want to post on Redbubble (I have 300+ designs), and you’re trying to find a way to upload it faster? You can open multiple tabs of the Redbubble uploader and uploadContinue reading “Redbubble: Can I Upload in Multiple Windows?”

Redbubble: Product Quality

I may have mentioned this in passing before, but I’d also like to briefly talk about Redbubble’s product quality: It’s excellent. I have bought an A-line dress, a notebook, posters, tote bags (both types), stickers, pillow covers, and shirts from Redbubble. The A-line dresses are made of a slick material that cannot wrinkle, so it’sContinue reading “Redbubble: Product Quality”

Redbubble: The Importance of Putting Your Name in Your Tags and How to Use the “Copy” Function

One thing I did not anticipate about Redbubble is that it does not automatically link the artist or shop name of a creator to their work in any searchable way. When I started, I assumed that searching “OliviaHathaway” (my store name) would bring up all my work. My brain just figured that’s how it shouldContinue reading “Redbubble: The Importance of Putting Your Name in Your Tags and How to Use the “Copy” Function”

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