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Redbubble: Product Quality

I may have mentioned this in passing before, but I’d also like to briefly talk about Redbubble’s product quality: It’s excellent. I have bought an A-line dress, a notebook, posters, tote bags (both types), stickers, pillow covers, and shirts from Redbubble. The A-line dresses are made of a slick material that cannot wrinkle, so it’s perfect for traveling. You can scrunch it up any way you’d like in a suitcase, and there’s nothing you can do to crease it. The notebooks are slightly smaller than I expected (more like an address book/planner size than the size of a school notebook), but that’s likely my fault because I believe they have the measurements for everything on the site. Otherwise, the notebook is great quality too: hard plastic spiral binding and a durable cover. The posters have a good weight to them, and they come rolled up (so there are no creases when they arrive). The tote bags are sturdy and the sewing holding the handle to the bag looks pretty durable and strong – especially for the kind that’s canvas with the black straps. I believe the stickers are vinyl (at least they feel like it). They’re the heavy duty kind that people put on their laptops and water bottles. There are throw pillow covers from Redbubble in my living room, and they’re made of a super soft material with a slight texture to it. The pillow covers for the 36″ x 36″ floor pillows are a slightly rougher material. The only downside to them is that Redbubble does not make an insert for those. I stuffed mine with two bags of PolyFill (stuffed animal stuffing). Finally, the shirts have a good print quality that so far seems to hold up in the washing machine. Those are all the products I can give personal reviews/descriptions of, but I’m confident that the rest are just as good.


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I'm an artist and biochemist from the middle of nowhere.

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