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My First Blog Post!

Hello, everyone! I am new to blogging and generally bad at new technology, so here’s hoping this looks sort of nice and organized. You might find that my main page is a little redundant right now, but it at least has all the things it needs – links to my social media accounts, methods for contacting me, a link to a formal “About” page, and shameless advertising of my own work in multiple places. My home page also has a link to an overview of what “print-on-demand” actually is, but I’m going to post it again here in case you find the blog entries before that:

“What is print-on-demand? Reading it just literally, it means that someone prints something when someone else demands it. How does that translate into e-commerce? Various online companies offer a certain set of products that they only produce when someone places an order – no warehouse stock, just “on-demand” product creation. Some of these companies have found a way to expand their sales by basically “hiring” thousands of freelance designers (me, possibly you too) to create designs for their blank products. When a product printed with one of these artists’ designs sells, the company pays them a commission in the form of a set or adjustable margin. It’s a neat deal (much better than a pyramid scheme) where the designer doesn’t have to deal with production, shipping, or customer complaints, and also has the potential to make passive income forever. The company then gets thousands of designers creating works that taken together, appeal to a massive audience. They also get some free advertising every time one of their artists promotes their products on social media.

Important: I’ve found that none of the sites I sell on require exclusivity or try to take ownership of your work, but you should always check the user agreement to make sure you retain the rights to your work before you start any kind of art business venture. I also only sell on sites that allow you to have a free profile. There are ones out there that charge you a monthly fee to use.”

And that is a solid introduction to what this whole blog will be centered around: print-on-demand and how the different print-on-demand companies work. I sell on over 18 sites, and I’m adding more all the time, so I have a significant bit of knowledge on the subject, and I’ve become more tech savvy with it than I ever could have expected a year or so ago. I’d love it if people followed and kept up with this blog, but if you happen to just find it in passing, and you have a specific question about print-on-demand, feel free to ask me directly instead of trying to sift through my articles on the subject. I’m lucky to be part of a supportive internet artist community, and I’d like to give back. My next post will be a deep dive into how to buy and sell things through Redbubble, the original store I opened in June of 2018. Read on if you’d like to know EVERYTHING about how to upload and sell your work there.


Published by okhismakingart

I'm an artist and biochemist from the middle of nowhere.

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