Hi! My name is Olivia Hathaway, and I’m a young artist studying to be a biochemist. Chemistry may be my chosen profession, but art is my inescapable hobby, and starting in June of 2018, it also became my side business via print-on-demand. I upload my hand-drawn designs and photography, and my many online stores print them on various products and pay me a commission when my work sells. I started out on Redbubble and expanded onto seventeen other sites (with more being added all the time), so now I have this particular niche of knowledge that I feel like I should share since I myself learning everything I know about print-on-demand and selling my work from Google searches and piecing together answers from deep but not particularly dark corners of the internet. In short, here’s my attempt at concentrating knowledge on a vast array of print-on-demand sites all in one place. P.S. The button below will take you to a landing page with more buttons that go to all 18+ of my sites plus my social media profiles in case you want to see any of what I do for yourself or get faster updates on my activities.

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